Sunday, May 6, 2012


Hi, sorry you haven't heard from me in a while. I'm back and I've been crafting, and I have lots to share with you.  Hope everyone is doing well.  Summer is here with temps in the 90s all week.  They say it will be another extremely hot and dry summer again this year for Louisiana.

I want to remind everyone that May is ALS Awareness month.  If you have a red ALS band, please wear it this month.  Thanks.

I've been doing lots of hand stitching on the St. Therese Banner project for church, and I'll post some pictures later as work progresses.

I planted 2 tomatoes, 2 zucchini and 2 summer squash in big pots in the backyard.  I'm really hoping to harvest some lovely vegetables soon.  Here is a picture of a beautiful bloom on the zucchini vine.  Isn't it something? Wow!!

I made some art yesterday and today-- a project I've been wanting to do.  A mixed media/collage list of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.  I went to Goodwill Friday after work and found the perfect picture to re-purpose for only $3.99!  Of course, I forgot to take a before picture of it until I had taken in apart and spray painted the frame, but here is the picture that was in the frame.  The frame was brown wood.

Now, you know that I love kitties, but this thing was so old and not in very good condition, and it was the perfect size and shape I had in mind.  Here is my finished project.  I had a great time working on it.  I'm going to hang it in my office.

I also painted a pair of shoes today.  I've had these since last summer.  I was inspired by the beautiful blooms on the hydrangea bush.

Here is how they turned out, once again, I didn't take a before picture.  They were plain white and I got them at Shoe Department for $4.98!!  I love a bargain.

Finally, I wanted to share some pics of the awesome postcards I received from the iHana Postcard Swap.  I had a great time making my 10 cards to send out, but receiving 10 from all over the world was so cool!  They are all amazing, and I'm so thrilled to own them.  It is obvious that they were made by super talented people and a lot of time and energy went into the creation of them.  Thank you very much for sharing your talent with me.  Thank you, Hana for a great job coordinating and hosting the event. 

Aren't they amazing?                                                             

Thanks for stopping by.  Sorry there are no pics of the 3 felines, they were all napping when I was taking pictures this afternoon.  Lazy girls!

Bye for now,

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