Monday, February 6, 2012

I'm still here!

Sorry for the long absence.  We've been busy finishing up T's soccer season, and things have been kind of hectic at work.

I tried to bring some homemade goodies to T's home soccer games to be sold in the concession stand.  The Killer Brownies are really good sellers!  One evening, I went in the kitchen and turned on the oven to pre-heat, and had NO HEAT!!!  I almost panicked, then took a deep breath and thought about what I had on hand that wouldn't require the oven.  I had Oreos, Vanilla Bark, Red colored Candy Melts, and Peanut Butter.  I ended up dipping the Oreos in the vanilla bark and red candy melts.  I also made a large pan of Tiger Butter (T's favorite).  I didn't get a picture of the Tiger Butter, sorry.  Here is how the Oreos turned out.

The soccer season ended Friday night with our team losing in their first playoff game against Baton Rouge Catholic.  We are really proud of the guys for making it to the playoffs.  It was a good season.  Tristan is ready for a break, though.  They were practicing every afternoon and he has a pretty heavy course load this semester. 

I began a new project recently.  I'm making a banner to hang in Church.  We are The Altar Society of St. Therese and we do not have a banner currently.  I volunteered, and the officers have given me complete artistic license in the creation of this banner.  I think it may end up looking more like one of my art quilts.  I have a lovely picture of St. Therese that I can iron on the banner.  I hope to get some work done on it this Saturday.   These are the flowers I made to go on the banner.  They are made of organza that I cut out into rough flower shapes and singed the edges with a candle flame (very carefully, I might add).  I just love them.

Here I zoomed in on one of the larger flowers so you can see more of the detail.

I'll post updates on the banner project as I go.  I hope to have it completed by the end of March.

Now, to show you a completed project.   Yes, I actually finished the second rag rug!!  One evening last week I ripped up a sheet and ended up with a huge ball of dark blue, almost denim looking strips to work with.  I finished the rug while watching the Super Bowl.

It is my largest one yet,  32 inches in diameter.  Naturally, when I set it on the floor, I had 2 girls very eager to try it out.  Here you are:

These are really fun to do, and I have lots of sheets right now.  Mostly light colored and  I might experiment with dying or even tie dying some of them...could be really fun, huh?

Thanks for stopping by, sorry I was away for so long, here's one last pic you might like from my mini cat calender.  Bye for now,  God Bless, Love


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  1. You are so creative, Anne!! I love your rug. Those Oreos look pretty and taste great, I know.