Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day from all the Hares!

It finally feels like winter, it's cold and it has rained all day.

I made Valentines this weekend, and took a few pictures to share.   I had a great time making these. 
    I made a bunch of small ones, some are pictured here, the others are in the mail!!

 I also made a few large ones.  Can you read the saying?  They both say "Love You, Always have, Always will".
                 I really like working with Mod Podge.  Great stuff.  You should get some.

      Here is one last picture for you.  Look at that sweet face.  What a cutie pie, huh? 

      Hope you have a great Valentine's Day.  Know that you are loved.  God Bless you,

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  1. I love the valentine card you sent me. They're all so pretty!
    Fluffy is so beautiful and sweet.