Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Meet My Girls

My dear husband set up this blog for me as a Christmas gift.  I love to make all kinds of things and then share my creations with my sisters.  I also like to send cute pictures of my kitties to my sisters.  Dear husband decided a blog would be an excellent vehicle for that purpose. 
Since I can't sit to craft without the help of at least one kitty, I thought I'd introduce them to you.
What makes them think I want to wear the penguin's hat?
 This is my number one kitty, Isolde Elizabeth  also known as IzzyBeth.  She is 10 years old and sometimes sweet, but mostly very tempermental.  We adopted her at 8 weeks old from the Grandmother of one of my son's classmates. 
Santa put catnip in my stocking!!  I love catnip!
Meet Fluffy Annabelle.  This extra fluffy girl is about 81/2 years old.  Very sweet, very curious and extra naughty sometimes.  We adopted her at 8 weeks from the local animal shelter.  She was solid white as a kitten and acquired the grey heart on her head as she grew.  She makes me laugh.  She always wants to know what I'm doing and loves to "help"!
Think they'll find me?
The green eyed beauty is Phoebe Ryan.  She is also about 8 years old.  She has gorgeous shiny black fur and I sometimes call her my Diva Cat!  Super sweet and always needs lots of loving.  We adopted Phoebe when she was about a year old from a friend.  She has brought us so much love and joy and we are so happy to have her.  Phoebe also likes to "help" with craft projects.
Thanks for stopping by